To Follow The Corporal

Being assembled or deployed, to march the squad without unnecessary

commands, the corporal places himself in front of it and commands:


If in line or skirmish line, No. 2 of the front rank follows in the

track of the corporal at about 3 paces; the other men conform to the

movements of No. 2, guiding on him and maintaining their relative


If in column, the head of the column follows the corporal.

Note that No. 4 rear rank takes the place of the corporal when the

corporal is in front of the squad. This a general rule. When any front

rank man is absent his rear rank man steps up in the front rank. When

the squad is following the corporal No. 4 rear rank remains blank (i.e.,

No. 3 does not step to the left and cover No. 4).