Position Of A Soldier At Attention

No. 1. Eyes to the front. Hands hang naturally. Rest weight of the body

equally on feet. Feet turned out making angles of 45 deg..

No. 2. Head erect. Shoulders down and back. Chest out. Stomach up. Thumb

along the seams of trousers. Knees straight, not stiff. Heels on line

and together. Do not stiffen the fingers: The mind ought also to be at


No. 1. Don't gaze about.
That's not playing the game. Don't turn your

feet out making an angle of 100 deg..

No. 2. Don't slouch. Hold yourself up. Keep your eyes off the ground.

These are the common errors of beginners.

1. Parade, 2. REST.

No. 1. Clasp hands without constraint in front of center of body. Left

hand uppermost. Fingers joined. Thumb and fore finger right hand clasps

the left thumb.

No. 2. Bend left knee slightly. Right foot is carried 6 inches straight

to the rear.

No. 1. Not looking straight to the front. Right foot not carried

straight to the rear.

No. 2. Leaning back too far. Right foot carried back too far.

1. Hand, 2. SALUTE.

No. 1. Look toward the person saluted.

No. 2. Tip of forefinger right hand touches cap or hat above right eye.

Thumb and forefingers extended and joined. Hand and wrist straight. Palm

to the left.


No. 1. Palm of the hand to the front and fingers not joined.

No. 2. Arm held too high. Fingers not perfectly joined.

No. 3. Fingers not extended and joined. Left hand not by side while

salute is being made.

Some beginners forget, while saluting, to remove their pipes,

cigarettes, or cigars from their mouths. This proves clearly that they

are beginners, for trained and experienced men are careful about

military honors and salutes.